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You've probably heard of the keyword # Keyword # Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla product. And many auto companies, if they do not offer an electric car, will work to get someone into the market. But shoppers looking for new vehicles use a word to ask, "Will we be there yet?" that it makes sense to have brands an electric car, whether for monetary or ecological reasons. Electric cars have almost bent their market share from 2017 to 2018, according to automotive research firm Edmunds. Nevertheless, they represent a tiny part of the market. Electric cars, including installed hybrid cars, posted a 2% increase in automotive product sales in the past year, compared to a year earlier. one percent in 2017. Much of this jump could be related to Tesla's vehicles, which accounted for 79% of sales of authentic electric car products in 2018, according to Edmunds. Product three was food under control, with 59% of sales of electric car products. Even though the economy may seem weak, it may be ready to improve. Bbb finds that 20% of men and women said next year that they want to consider an electric car when they buy their car. Which is up 15% this year. "We all see the near future as electrical," said Big carmakers are Greg Brannon, director of motor vehicle design and business relations at Bbb. The speed of this change depends on a number of factors, including gas prices, which frequently determine sales of optional automotive products, as well as the choices available to buyers, explained Brannon. Buyers who are thinking of buying an electric car need to consider the benefits - and the development of pain - that include the purchase of these growing products.

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